Why Has This Movie Become Such a Big Hit?

Walt Disney’s Encanto has been a big hit with people of all ages with “We Don’t About Bruno” passing “Let it Go” on the leaderboard and is now one of the most played Disney songs.


So, what is it with Encanto? What makes it such a big thing? I personally think that what makes Encanto such a great movie are the songs and the moral behind it. Honestly, it just wouldn’t be the same without them!


We Don’t Talk About Bruno

My favorite song was “Surface Pressure”. I’m not sure why I like it so much, maybe because it reminds me of my older sister, who at times feels like the pressure of the world is on her shoulders.

I took a poll on this topic and I found out that almost everyone loved “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”, and only 10% hadn’t seen it out of 15 people. I love the mix of beats/rhythms in ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ and hearing all the different people sing too!! Such funny lyrics too!” said Brooke Bolinger. Another student said otherwise: “I like it because the melody is very nice! (Also, Mirabel is very good at singing ^^)” Rakshitha Nobel said, for “Waiting on a Miracle”.

Most of the other students liked the songs for their tune and characters. Tune and melody aren’t just a part of a song, I learned. After doing some research I found out that “Content alone in a lyric may not be enough to sustain a listener’s attention throughout an entire song without a strong enough melody for the words to ride on — no matter how important the topic.”


The Moral of the Story

We know that the moral of Encanto is that you don’t have to have some special “gift” to be worth a million dollars, but instead to be proud of who you are and each member is valuable. This is an important thing, especially to the young minds watching this movie. You shouldn’t have to be “cowering in a corner” because you’re afraid to be yourself. And here at iUP, we accept you for who you are!


Does it Have to End?

Well, we’ve come to the sad part of the article, that it’s over! I hope you’ve enjoyed the article and learned a lot about Encanto. I’ll see you soon owls!



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