Should Students Receive More Time Off for Summer Break?

Should Summer Break Last Longer?

With Summer rapidly approaching, students are quickly finishing their coursework to prepare for the big break. Many of us are slowly disappearing from our desks and diving into the pool to escape the heat. We all look forward to breaks during the year however, are the breaks during the year enough? 


How Do iUP students feel about Summer Break?

During the school year, we get a few extended periods off such as Winter break, Spring Break, and Summer break. While many of us do appreciate these breaks, sometimes they never feel like they’re enough.  Students enjoy Summer because they can relax, spend time with family, and hang out with friends. I asked several iUP students how they felt about the break and 43% of them said that they thought Summer should be longer.

The students who said that Summer wasn’t long enough had many reasons as to why. One of our students said that they wanted to catch up on sleep and that school should last one year and Summer should be one year. Another student said that “school is boring sometimes. Also, in Texas, summer is super hot. You have to stay indoors unless it’s cool enough.” 

Not everyone, however, agrees with the wish for summer to be longer. One of our students said, “I think Summer break is long enough. Sometimes it goes by fast and sometimes it goes by more slowly, so sometimes I wish it were longer, but I think it’s a good break.” I for one love Summer break and think it’s the perfect length. Sometimes I wish it was longer, but I know I would get bored towards the end.

I also asked our students what activities they enjoyed over the Summer, and I received very interesting feedback. Eve Bamber said that she enjoys exploring internships, tutoring, traveling, and other extracurricular activities. Kendall Myers said that she spends time with her family and swims in her pool. Students love Summer break because of the newfound freedom and the time off from schoolwork. Several others said that they enjoy going on vacation, playing video games, baking, and playing sports. I spend my Summer drawing, relaxing, hanging out with friends, and training. All of our students have so many unique talents and hobbies, and they can spend more time participating in them over the break. 


Will it ever be enough?

 During the year, students are loaded down with homework, tests, and deadlines. They have to juggle school as well as extracurricular activities. Many of our students, including myself, attend iUP because of the hours they spend participating in these activities. Getting extra time off during the year could alleviate stress for many of us and give us time to relax.  Even if Summer was longer and we received more time off, would it be enough?