iUP Weighs In On The Music Streaming Debate

Anytime two items are similar, there is a public debate over which is superior. Such has been the case with Xbox vs. PlayStation, waffles vs. pancakes, dogs vs. cats, etc. Now, it’s Apple Music vs. Spotify: So, which one is actually better?


Both streaming services offer the same service: 24/7 music streaming. So what exactly makes them different from each other? First off, the pricing. Spotify users can either listen to music for free with occasional advertisements or pay $10 a month for Spotify’s advertisement-less option, Spotify premium. However, Apple Music doesn’t offer a free option, so the only way consumers can use it is by paying Apple $10 a month. Another difference is streaming quality; Apple Music’s streaming quality is much better than Spotify. Apple Music even offers a Spatial Audio mode (depending on the device). The third significant difference between the two services is content. Apple Music offers its users a catalog of almost 75 million songs, while Spotify’s selection is only about 70 million songs. Additionally, Spotify has a massive library of podcasts (any of which users can listen to); on the other hand, Apple Music does not (because they stream podcasts on a separate iOS application called Apple Podcasts).

Both streaming services allow users to view the lyrics of any song they play and both have an easily navigable user interface. 


After accounting for the differences between the two streaming services, iUP students gave their opinion on which is better, and a vast majority of them answered Spotify. Students, like Sanil Mehta, prefer Spotify because it has a free option. Other students, such as Ace Kirkley, prefer Spotify simply because its user interface feels “more familiar”.


Spotify may be the better option in iUP’s eyes, but honestly, it just comes down to personal preference. For listeners that don’t want to pay anything for music, Spotify is the better choice. But for the people who value quantity and quality over cost, Apple Music is probably the better service. 


Truthfully, there is no objective winner in this debate. It is up to the listener to decide which service is the better one. So don’t worry, just sit back, put on some headphones, and listen away into paradise.


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