Trace Wilkins, Staff writer, Editor

The North Texas Teen Book Festival took place in Irving, Texas on March 7th. Mrs. Harbison, Emily Phillips, and I started the day out at the Book Speed Dating, where two people tell you about five different books and you can pick which book to take home for free! We then went to our first panel of the day, “It’s the End of the World as We Know It.” This panel talked about dystopian and science fiction futures. After that, we headed to the “My True Love Gave to Me” panel, which had the some of the authors who wrote the book, “My True Love Gave to Me,” talk about the process of writing the short stories that make up the book. The next panel we went to was called “Shot Through the Heart,” where some authors talked about writing contemporary romances. The last panel we attended was “Make a Splash.” The authors in this panel discussed their stories revolving around water. After all the panels were done, the book signing chaos began!

The North Texas Teen Book Festival was an amazing experience. I am so glad I got the opportunity to go and get my books signed by some of my favorite authors, which was my favorite part of the day! I recommend anyone who loves books and reading to go next year!