Katerina Rigopolous, Writer

Extreme longing of youth is something our society is no stranger to. Though, when youth is all you have, is life really worth living? The complex of having what everyone wants and it not being any good is an interesting idea that is explored brilliantly throughout this story. The film The Age of Adaline explores the idea of being granted endless youth and all the hardship that comes with that. The character Adaline Bowman, gracefully played by American actress Blake Lively, is granted this very miracle of endless youth at the age of 29 in the year 1937. Through the next 78 years Adaline Bowman faces a great deal of loss, love, and fear. Spending her never-ending youth away from her daughter and running from the FBI, she moves to a new city at the end of each decade like clockwork and cannot allow herself to grow close to anyone. The film ends with an unexpected twist that ultimately ends to a happy ending. This film is beautiful, tragic, and passionate. The characters are somehow relatable within their reactions to hardship and the editors behind the scenes master the art of showing a well rounded story in a sufficient and calm pace. Overall, this movie was thrilling and had a great deal of passion and relatable heartache. It was fast-paced yet had a calm tone and never ceased in further explaining each character’s background. I would recommend watching this film to anyone, not just those who enjoy a chick-flick, because it was so immensely intriguing to watch.