Student of the Month


Hannah Faulkner, Editor-in-Chief

Remy, despite being born at 25.5 week and 1.9 pounds, has overcome multiple obstacles to be the honor student she is today.  She has always been self-motivated and takes her studies seriously.  She is passionate about helping others and selflessly tutors many students.  Prior to moving to Texas, she was involved with the special needs students in and out of school.  Hobbies include volunteering at the local library assisting in reading programs and is an avid swimmer. She’s interested in teaching mathematics or going into the medical field as a researcher.


Remy’s teachers had glowing praise for her efforts as a student at iUniversity Prep.  Mrs. Alsobrook believes that “Remy is a fantastic example of an exemplary virtual student. She regularly attends Live Lessons and stays in constant communication if she is unable to attend. She is eager to assist other students and greatly enjoys her role as an Owl Pal. Her organizational skills are part of her success. When attending tutoring she always arrives prepared with a document outlining her questions and a clear focus for her study.”   While Mrs. McFarland shares, “Remy has been in my LL room for tutorials several times. She always comes with fully prepared corrections with things that she understands and things that she has questions on. She is also very supportive of her peers during LL and happily participates.”  Mr. Hamrick tells his favorite Remy story: “When she showed up at the PDEC for a 3-hour history STAAR Prep tutorial (with brownies!)…for a class she didn’t have. She is incredibly motivated, dedicated, and just all around amazing. Highest Hamrick Praise: Remy is AWESOMESAUCE. ”  Mrs. Weiche added, “Remy is always willing to put in the extra time to help other students be successful. She is the first one to share her notes, to be a leader, and to encourage others. ”  Mrs. Mount extols Remy for being “an amazing student who is super organized, a great LL participator, and so sweet and encouraging. She is a model virtual student!”  And, finally, Mr. Wennersten says of Remy: “Remy is an enthusiastic and encouraging student! She is one of the first to pilot the owl tutoring service, and is excited to get the opportunity to help her peers! When our first possible student to tutor became available, she was the first to respond saying ” Is there anything I can do to help them out? Let me know! (:”
Congratulations, Remy! We are proud of you!