It was such a fun adventure on the ocean!


Tricia Minter, Staff Writer

In September I went to Cozumel, Roatan, and Belize. Being on this trip changed my mood drastically. I went from stressed high school teen to chill beach dude as soon as I stepped in the water and had a fruity drink.

My adventure began on Carnival Breeze with my cousin Hunter and aunt Michelle. We had a day at sea which was mostly unpacking and exploring the boat. We then on the third day arrived in Cozumel where we went to Paradise beach. We had a chill first day off the boat with pineapple drinks and relaxing on the sand. After playing on the floating course we decided to go kayaking which was a bit of a disaster but fun no matter how many times we almost flipped.

The next trip of the boat was in Belize. We got off the giant boat onto a smaller boat which would then take us to land. In Belize we decided to shop and chill for the day. We found a little restaurant/bar and decided to try some food which included for jack, meat pies, and cucumber salsa.  Belize was hot and kind of crowded, but we got chocolate, my grandma earrings, and I found a surprise gift for my brother.

The fourth day we arrived in Roatan, Honduras where we went to the Little French Key. In the little island we found it had lions, monkeys, and cheetahs. We also found there was horseback riding on the beach. After hours of walking around and jumping off of high decks by the beach we headed back to the boat to get ready for our journey home.

The trip home was a bit bumpy but the time we had left on the boat was a blast. Between the teen clubs and doing karaoke I didn’t want to go home. The gourmet food we got to have every night didn’t help that I had to remind myself to pack. I eventually did and said goodbye to all the friends I made on the boat and my favorite staff members.

As much as I didn’t want to leave the rooms that are made up and the little towel animals, I remembered as soon as I touched land that it was over!