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Batman vs. Superman

The Caped Crusader vs. The Boy Scout, The Dark Knight vs. The Man of Steel, The World's Greatest Detective vs. The Last Son of Krypton: The Ultimate Showdown.

Josiah Jadlowski, Staff Writer

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Batman and Superman are both superheroes. Superman has super powers; Batman has gadgets and armor. Batman defends Gotham City, while Superman defends Metropolis. They have their similarities, but what are their differences?

They both dedicate their lives to stopping crime in their respective cities, and they both have tragic backstories. Batman lost his parents to a murderer in Crime Alley. Superman’s whole planet was blown up! They risk their lives for the victims of crime. They will do whatever it takes to protect the lives of others. They are both are heroes in their own ways. And nothing could change that. (Except for mind control maybe.)

Superman is bulletproof, and also has other superpowers including freeze breath, heat vision, flight, x-ray vision, super strength, infrared vision, super hearing, and more. Batman has no superpowers, but has suits that give him all these things and more. Batman has a variety of gadgets that help him fight crime as well. He has Batarangs, A Grapple Gun, Shark Repellant, A Built in Lie Detector, A Batmobile Remote Control, A Utility Belt Taser, Fake Vampire Teeth, A Finger Taser, A Cell Phone Sonar Device, A Kryptonite Ring, Kryptonite Gum, among many other clever gadgets. Superman has only one weakness: Kryptonite. Kryptonite is the remains of his home planet, Krypton. It is deadly to him because the remains have deadly radiation from the cause of the destruction of his planet, but Kryptonians are the only ones affected; he is also weakened by magic. Batman only has the weakness of a regular person, food and water. Superman gave all the Kryptonite on Earth to Batman, so he would be able to stop Superman if Superman ever lossses control or falls victim to mind control. No matter their differences, they have the same purpose.

Of the two, I personally like Batman way better. He is human just like you and I, but he can defeat any criminal, super villain or even a being like Superman. He chooses to help people he doesn’t even know, fully aware that he could die doing so. He is a human who can defeat a being like Superman, which I personally think is pretty impressive. They are almost equal in power, but they still have their similarities and differences. No one could become the real Superman, but if a man has enough money and courage, he could become the real Batman. I would tell people that Batman is better, but that’s simply my own opinion. I’ll let you form your own opinion on the subject.

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Batman vs. Superman