Here are some predictions for the next episodes of "The Flash"!

Abbey Copeland, Staff Writer

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The hit TV series “The Flash” has been on a roll this season, from the major crossover of all the DC shows to numerous plot twist that the audience never saw coming. This show never fails to live up to its reputation of the beloved comic book character. Though season four came back after the Christmas break, countless amounts of curve balls have been thrown our way, the biggest one being the nameless character that made her appearance in the highly anticipated crossover. We see her pose as a waitress at Barry and Iris’s wedding, thought it is very clear that she is much more than just a wedding caterer. With that information, we as the fans are bound to come up with our own interpretation on the situation. Even with all of this going on, there seems to be even more that comes in our path, one being the leaked photos of Iris West in a speedster costume. There has not been much to go off of with this shot due to the fact that this episode is planned to be episode 16 while the public has currently finished episode 12. Although there isn’t to much to go off of, fans have still found a way to put all the pieces together into one coherent plot. Now there is undoubtedly more twists and turns that are going on at this time, though the fans would say that these two in particular are the major mysteries happening.


Fans of The Flash have been going crazy over the mysterious character that made her appearance at the West-Allen wedding, and readers of the comic books have the idea that she is actually Dawn Allen. Going by the last name, you can see that she is related in some way to Barry and Iris, and by the looks of things it seems to be their future daughter. You may be asking yourself, why would she time travel to meet a younger version of her parents? The reason for doing this makes much more sense once you get the full story. That being said, Dawn would most likely travel back in time on behalf of the fact that once she was born Barry died performing one of his acts of heroism, therefore Dawn never got the chance to meet him at all. By going back to a point in which her parents got married would give her a second chance at knowing the man the entire city loved and cherished. This seems like the most logical theory out there except for the fact that in the comic books Iris is supposed to have twins named Dawn and Don. If this mysterious character turns out to be Dawn, we can’t help but wonder where her twin is, or if the writers simply left him out all together. Although doing this would cause many fans to be upset, the writers have done similar things in past episodes being that they don’t stay completely true to the original comic book. If they don’t change the script up a little, it wouldn’t make for a highly praised TV show. With all that being said, it is easy to say that this unnamed character will turn out to be Dawn Allen because of all the clues from the show and the comic book pointing towards this theory.

Now, this next plot twist is none other the leaked photos of Iris West in a speedster outfit. At this time, we don’t have a clear theory as to why she is dressed this way but there are a few guesses as to what this is for. In the previous episode that aired on January 30th, we see that Cecile has gained temporary powers to read minds due to her pregnancy, and this thereby leads us to believe that Iris may be pregnant when she gains these temporary speed powers. If this is the case, the theory of the mystery girl being Dawn Allen does not seem so far fetched. If Iris is pregnant with Dawn Allen, this may explain the temporary speed. Though if this theory proves to be wrong, another thought is that this is a doppelganger of Iris from a different earth. Now in previous seasons we have seen that Team Flash has traveled to many other Earths where there are doppelgangers of themselves present, though they don’t have to be the same as the person from a different Earth. For example, Barry Allen is The Flash on Earth 1 but on Earth 2 he is a reporter for the city. Even the Harrison Wells present in this season is from Earth 2 and has a much different personality than the one from Earth 1. If this Iris turns out to be from another Earth, then the question proceeding would be, “How and why was she needed during this time?” As for the fans, they can only hope one of these two theories comes true.

The Flash has been a smashing hit this season and certainly one of the most suspenseful compared to the last three. With all the unknown plots and characters, season four is definitely a standout from the rest, and one can only desire that it ends in our favor with at least a few of our predictions coming to life.

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