McKenna interviews a few students about America's Got Talent and the magic thereof.

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McKenna Moczygemba, Photography/Social Media Director

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You may have heard of America’s Got Talent or AGT for short. It’s a talent show on ABC. There are
multiple judges and a ton of talent. Whether you are 10, 30, 6, or even 60, you can go on the show. You
can do any act you want, like dancing, singing, or magic. Today I will be interviewing a few students about
America’s Got Talent.

The three people I interviewed wished to remain anonymous.

Me: Do you know who Shin Lim is?
Hope—2018 America’s Got Talent winner?
Ocean—The winner of America’s Got Talent.
Jason—America’s Got Talent 2018 winner?

Me: Do you think that his magic is easy to do, why or why not?
Hope—I think it is hard mentally, probably.
Ocean—Probably not. They are most likely trick cards, or he is good at drawing.
Jason—Its complicated because there’s a lot of math and remembering involved.

Me: Did he deserve to win, and why or why not?
Hope—I think so if he worked hard.
Ocean—Its not up to me, it’s up to the people and the judges.
Jason—Yes, he worked hard for it in a mental and physical way.

Me: Is he self-choreographed?
Hope—Probably, because he can do tricks because a magician always keeps his secret.
Ocean—Not really, it probably just took a long time to practice.
Jason—He probably learned it from watching it from someone else.

Me: Did you ever want to be a magician? Why didn’t you become one if you did want to become one?
Hope—Not really, I was more like “I want to be an astronaut.”
Ocean—Yes, I would pretend to be the “Dark Magician.” That was my name.
Jason—No, I wanted to be a cowboy.

Me: How did you find out about America’s Got Talent?
Hope—I don’t really remember; probably just found it on television one day.
Ocean—My mom she loves watching those types of stuff so that made me watch it.
Jason—Watching it with my family is how I got into it.

Me: Did you watch this season of America’s Got Talent?
Hope—A little, I mainly just watch the auditions and finales—they are the most entertaining to me.
Ocean—Yes, I love it so much.
Jason—I watched a reaction video on YouTube; I can’t remember the Youtuber’s name now.

Me: What did Shin Lim do the most of at America’s Got Talent?
Hope—In the finale, I think he did a card trick.
Ocean—If you are a true fan you will know.

Me: Comments or anything? Any other final words?
Hope—Baby shark, do-do-do-do.
Ocean—I want a waffle—but there’s no waffling.
Jason—Follow your dreams, no matter what anybody says.

Special thanks to all the students who helped with this article!



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