You See So Many RV’s On the Road Now-Why?



Kayla Thomas, Staff Writer

Are you wondering why you see so many RVs every time you leave the house? Well, there are a lot of reasons why. Now that COVID-19 has shown up,  people want to travel but safely. RVing is safer, and less work. You also save more money and get to do more of what you want to do when you travel.

RVing is a safer way to travel instead of flying in a plane, due to COVID-19. It is safer because you are only with your family instead of being packed in a plane with random people, since you don’t know if those people have the virus. Sitting next to them is a higher risk, so RVing is safer.

When you RV, it is cheaper because there are a lot less costs. You don’t need to pay for hotels, which are pretty expensive. Even though you need to pay for gas and the RV parks, it still does not cost as much as a normal vacation. You also get more room to sleep in when you are in an RV. 

Another big cost is eating out. For a family of 4, dinner can cost up to $45! If you have an RV, you have a lot of storage space where you can put your food so you don’t have to eat out all the time. All the money you save can be used for more vacations, or activities on your trip. 

Speaking of activities, if you see something fun along the way, you can stop and do it if you are driving. When you are flying, you might not even see the place. For example, you might see a fast food restaurant along the way, whereas if you fly you might not see it at all, if you don’t have a window seat. You might see a pretty sunset, but you won’t get a good picture of it when you are in a plane. By being able to save money, you are maximizing your experience.

RVing is also less stressful and less wait. You don’t need to drive all the way to the airport (sometimes before 3am) to then try to find parking. Then you have to wait to check in your bags and wait for security. After that, you have to wait for boarding and there is always that stress that you will miss your flight. RVing is easier because you just load up your RV and you are on your way. You even get a tv, which you don’t get on a plane unless you are flying internationally. 

Since iUP is an online school, you can travel whenever you want. If you get  internet connection in the RV, you could work while on vacation. You could join the Live Lesson from a beach or in a forest. It would be a lot of fun to go on vacation during the school year.

In conclusion, RVing is a really great way to travel, which is why so many people do it. More people means more RVs, which is why there are so many RVs on the road.