A Recap of the Season

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Addison Wiley, Staff Writer

Many people, whether Marvel fans or not, have loved this new TV that released its first season from January 15-March 5. As episode 9, the season finale came out Friday, March 5th, WandaVision fans had a shocking ending to the season. Before we get to that, let’s recap the episodes, then see what iUP students have to say about this invigorating TV series.

Episode 1: 

In this opening episode, you get introduced to the main characters: Wanda, Vision, Anges, and Norm. Also introduced are Mr. and Mrs. Hart, whom Vision works for at a computing firm. This episode is set in the 1950s, and during the episode, Mr. and Mrs. Hart comes over for dinner, and Wanda has to resort to her powers to get dinner ready. Their secret is nearly exposed and the newlywed couple(Wanda and Vision) realize that they don’t remember anything from their past.

Episode 2:

During this episode, Wanda and Vision want to interact more with their community, so they participate in the annual talent show. You meet new characters in this episode, like Dottie, Geraldine and Herb. Vision also malfunctions when a piece of gum gets stuck in his gears. At the end of the episode, Wanda becomes pregnant.

Between these two episodes, here are some key details  you may have noticed:

  • Wanda doesn’t have a Sokovian accent anymore
  • There were commercials for both Stark Industries and Strucker/Hydra
  • Each episode is a different decade
  • At the end of the episode, when Wanda becomes pregnant, the setting turns to color, not black and white.

Episode 3:

This episode is the first episode in color, and they reveal that, though each decade changes, it’s all in a matter of days that each episode happens. Wanda’s pregnancy goes on during this episode, and it causes her powers to fritz. Later on in the episode, Wanda’s powers get so out of hand that when her water broke, it started to rain. Her powers were so strong that her words came to life. Geraldine comes over and helps Wanda deliver her baby while Vision gets the doctor. The baby is healthy when the doctor arrives, then another baby starts to come out and Wanda ends up giving birth to twin boys, Billy and Tommy. Geraldine makes a reference to a future decade, and Wanda kicks her out.

After this episode, you get a few more clues such as:

  • Another Hydra reference. If you are new to the MCU, you should know that Hydra is pretty much a terrorist organization that started in WWII and that Wanda has a past affiliation with them.
  • A reference to Ultron by Geraldine(Ultron was a psycho AI made by Tony Stark to help the Avengers. He went haywire, got many, many, many bodies, and he tried to kill pretty much everyone. Wanda and her twin Pietro(Now deceased) were recruited by Ultron, but eventually joined the Avengers instead.)

Episode 4:

In episode 4, you don’t start with the community of Westview. You start with a new character, Monica Rambeau, who wakes up after being “blipped” by Thanos, 5 years prior. She works for a government agency called S.W.O.R.D, which is in charge of sentient weapons. When people go missing in New Jersey, Monica is sent there to investigate, only to find an energy field, and then be sucked into it herself. Meanwhile, Darcy Lewis(Also working for S.W.O.R.D) is called to New Jersey as well, to investigate the energy field. She detects a TV frequency in the radiation levels, and she connects the frequency to a TV and they have eyes and ears from inside the Westview anomaly. At the end of the episode, Monica/Geraldine gets kicked out of Westview by Wanda and back into the S.W.O.R.D base outside of Westview. That’s when she says the next cliffhanger: “It’s all Wanda”.

Episode 5:

In episode 5, you are in the 80’s in Westview with Wanda, Vision, and their two babies Tommy and Billy. Tommy and Billy seem to grow up in a day, and well, they do. They go from babies to 5 year olds in the first few minutes of the episode. The 5 year olds try to get permission to keep a puppy they found, and the reluctant parents are forced to say yes after they tell their children they have to be 10, and the two twins grow up. Their dog, Sparky, runs away, and Wanda, Billy, and Tommy search for him. Meanwhile, Vision is at work and notices some strange behavior with his coworker Norm. He manages to get Wanda’s power out of Norm’s head, and Vision discovers what his wife has done. He goes home to confront his wife when the family learns that Sparky has died. Once his children are back in bed, Vision confronts his wife about how the townspeople are miserable because Wanda is controlling them. In the middle of the fight, there is a knock on the door. When Wanda opens it, she discovers her dead twin Pietro at the door.

Episode 6:

During this episode, it’s Halloween in the 90’s. Kids are dressing up, and new powers are unleashed. While the boys go trick or treating with “Uncle P” and Wanda, Vision claims to be on neighborhood watch patrol, when he really is going to investigate what Wanda has done. While the two sets of twins go trick or treating, Tommy discovers that he has the same power as Pietro,which is super speed. Vision, however, learns that as he nears the edge of Westview, people are either repeating their motions over and over again, or they are completely frozen, because Wanda doesn’t have enough power to completely control them. Vision discovers the energy field, and tries to escape it, while outside the border, Monica, Darcy, and FBI agent Jimmy Woo try to get back into the “Hex”. Darcy gets caught, and is about to be taken away when Vision break through the barrier. He struggles to get out, and when he does finally break through, he starts to come apart, little by little, being pulled back into the “Hex”. Billy starts hearing his dad in his head, and discovers that he and Wanda have the same talent, and tells his mom that Vision is in trouble. Pietro accidentally reveals that Vision is already dead and can’t die again, and Wanda expands the Hex, saving Vision, but capturing Darcy and the other S.W.O.R.D agents. Monica, Jimmy, and Director Hayward escape, but their resources are crippled.

Episode 7:

In this episode, a lot of different things happen. First of all, Vision is supposedly the “new clown” at the circus(which is what the S.W.O.R.D agents turned into) he meets Darcy there, who is turned into an escape artist, and he realizes that the Hex made her forget that she met him the night prior. He removes the Hex from her head, and together, they start towards Vision and Wanda’s home. Meanwhile, Wanda starts losing control of her powers, and Billy starts learning to control his powers. Anges offers to watch the twins while Wanda rests, and Wanda has no idea that something sinister is about to happen. Meanwhile, Monica plots her return, and when her first plan fails, she runs straight into the Hex, and overcomes its power to rewrite her reality. She makes it inside as herself and confronts Wanda. Agnes sees them arguing and she brings Wanda into her house. Wanda asks Agnes where the twins were, and Agnes tells her that they were in her basement. Wanda goes looking for them, and is confronted by Agnes, who reveals that she is a witch and is really named Agatha Harkness. Wanda discovers that she cannot use her powers in the magical basement, and the episode ends with a flashback of the strange things that happened, learning that it was “Agatha All Along”.

Episode 8:

During this episode, you finally learn the secrets of Wanda’s past. Between how she and Pietro survived both the shelling of their apartment, and the Hydra experiments, as well as some exclusive moments with Vision that occured at the Avengers facility before Captain America: Civil War. You also discover the truth behind how Vision got brought back to life. She didn’t steal the body like Director Hayward thought she did, but in fact, she saw the body and left, going to Westview, New Jersey to look at a property that she and Vision were going to live in before he died. You discover that Wanda uses her powers to create a house, a new Vision, and an energy field around Westview, as well as brainwashing the townspeople. At the end of the episode, you leave with Agatha having the twins be her prisoners, and Agatha revealing that Wanda is the Scarlet Witch.

Episode 9: Season Finale 

This episode has a lot of stuff happening. Between a second fake Vision, a big battle, and Wanda turning into the Scarlet Witch, you don’t want to miss this episode in the dramatic end to the season. When Agatha removes the ‘Hex’ from the people of Westview’s minds, Wanda realizes how much she has hurt the people in Westview and she starts to lift the Hex. While the townspeople escape, Billy, Tommy, and Vision start to die because since they were ‘made’ within the Hex, they are connected to it, so while the Hex stays, they stay, and if the Hex goes, they go. Wanda closes back the Hex, but not before Director Hayward gets S.W.O.R.D agents through the barrier. With her kids and husband safe, the family rushes to battle: Wanda vs. Agatha, Vision vs. Other Vision, and Billy/Tommy vs. the S.W.O.R.D Agents. Billy mind controls the agents, freezing them in their position, and Tommy disarms them, while Vision and the other Vision fight. The two Visions are equal in strength, so Wanda’s Vision manages to use logic to override the other Vision’s order to kill the first Vision(I know, it’s confusing) and then the two Vision’s fight together. Meanwhile, Agatha tries to steal the power of the Scarlet Witch from Wanda. Wanda pretends to give it to Agatha, and when Agatha tries to use the power she discovers she can’t, because Wanda used a trick from Agatha’s book and uses runes, so “Only the witch that casts the runes can use her magic in the given space”. Wanda takes on the mantra of the Scarlet Witch(which comes with a pretty cool outfit by the way) and with Agatha powerless, the battle is over. When they get back to the ground(they were flying), Wanda turns Agatha back into Agnes, the nosy neighbor. Director Hayward is arrested for making another Vision, and all seems like a happy ending. Except for the fact that Wanda realizes that she must take down the Hex, meaning her family will die. Vision accepts the truth, and the family spends one last moment together as the boundary disappears.

Things you may have noticed:

  • The past two episodes had post-credit scenes. In the 8th episode, it was of Monica looking for a secret way into Agnes’s house to find Wanda, and when she discovers the secret basement, Fietro(Fake Pietro) come up behind her and says “Snoopers gonna snoop”. If you don’t realize what that means, it is proof that Fietro is under Agatha’s control and Agatha caught Monica. In the 9th episode, you see Wanda in a deserted location, studying a witches book about the Scarlet Witch, hoping to learn more about her mysterious power. Some fans(like me) hope that it means that Wanda is trying to find a way to bring back her family without making a new Hex. Most likely, there will not be another season and this story will continue in the new Doctor Strange movie.

Now, lets see what iUP students have to say about this exciting MCU show. The majority of the 10 people who took the poll said that they liked episode 7 best, and that they thought episode 9 was a good ending to the season. Also, most people thought that the biggest twist of the season was when we discovered that it was “Agatha all along”, as well as that Wanda would revive her family at some point. Some iUP fan favorites for the characters include Wanda, Monica and Darcy. With the right mix of quirky, determined, and strong, these powerful women take a stand in different ways, and we all hope we can see more of them later on in the MCU.


As the makers of the MCU leave us on another huge cliffhanger, I would suggest watching the Disney+ exclusive called Assembled, which is a documentary of how WandaVision was made, between behind the scenes looks at the set, and interviews with the cast, this documentary is worth watching. As we all hope for a new season, all we can do is wait for more jaw-dropping MCU movies.