University of California, Los Angeles

Hannah Faulkner, Copy/Proofreading and College Corner Editor

UCLA is a university that embraces not only the sun of the California coast, but the light of exploration. The school’s biggest project is not to turn out the most innovative students, but to foster bright alumni that actually bring light. UCLA is proud of its extensive work in the community and groundbreaking research. Located in the bustling cultural city of Los Angeles, students can explore the arts and public service or be a part in the next generation of mathematics and science. UCLA is also renowned for its top of the line athletics. Over 250 Olympic gold medals have been won by UCLA alumni, and 112 NCAA titles in a variety of sports. With so much to offer, the university proudly boasts the title of most applied to university in the United States. But, the University insists that while they have a proud past, they are constantly looking towards the future.