All About an Amazing New Tutoring Organization and How YOU Can Take Advantage of Their Resources

The SAT Approaches…

The SAT looms over most iUPrep high school students; freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors all keep it in the back of their minds. This reading, writing, and math-focused exam is one of the main sources of anxiety for many high school students, and preparing for the test can definitely be a daunting task. With such a broad scope of material and content to cover, where do you even start? How do you best remember and refresh on the content you’ve learned for years? What are some ways you can approach SAT questions with confidence? These questions and many more have long been up for debate on the internet. Now, one organization is making strides to best prepare students around the world for their SAT, through innovative peer tutoring and utilizing effective practice techniques, all for FREE.


From the mind behind Khan Academy

You may be familiar with the website known as Khan Academy, which is a personalized learning platform for all ages. In fact, you’ve probably referenced Khan Academy videos or articles due to teacher modifications in your lessons, you just may have not been aware! Khan Academy was founded by American educator and Harvard Business School graduate, Sal Khan. Now serving as the founder and CEO of Khan Academy, Sal Khan has been commonly dubbed the “world’s teacher” for his commitment to providing quality education at little to no cost. Since its launch, Khan Academy has gained massive success in achieving the world-class education availability that the organization set out to accomplish. With the evident success of Khan Academy, Khan himself has moved on to his newest project: Schoolhouse.world which is his creation to tackle the availability and affordability of SAT prep. 


Welcome to the world of Schoolhouse.world!

With a centralized focus on SAT Prep and high school math, Schoolhouse aims to provide free peer-to-peer tutoring in helping students build those SAT skills! Let’s dive a little deeper into what Schoolhouse has to offer you!

SAT Prep: Schoolhouse’s biggest asset right now is the SAT Prep offerings, and more specifically the upcoming SAT Bootcamps. Schoolhouse SAT Bootcamps are a four-week-long study session commitment, including eight seventy-five-minute sessions led by a certified Schoolhouse SAT tutor. Currently, College Board has partnered with Schoolhouse.world to conduct research investigating the impact of a free, online SAT tutoring program run by volunteer peer tutors. As an interested learner, you can take your pick from Reading & Writing boot camps or Math boot camps on a wide variety of days and times to fit your schedule. Additionally, the boot camps are catered to specific score ranges, so you can be assured that the bootcamp curriculum is tailored to your academic SAT needs. These structured study sessions are a great way to intensively prepare for upcoming exams, answer practice questions, fill in content gaps, and complete full practice tests to build confidence in your SAT abilities! Bootcamps for the December SAT will begin on the first week of November, so be sure to take a look at and sign up for a bootcamp that works for you, and know that you’ll also be a participant in an awesome ongoing research study!

AP Review: For all the AP students out there, we understand the year-long struggle bus you’ve hopped on. Whether you’re taking an AP class in school or just self-studying for an AP test, APs are some of the most challenging high school exams. Schoolhouse also offers AP help in subjects like AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Physics, AP Computer Science, and additional general AP review! So, AP Students, never fear! Schoolhouse has got your back!


Math Practice: Schoolhouse currently offers tutoring in a wide range of math topics including those of Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and Statistics to aid high school students in all their math endeavors.  If you’re interested in Schoolhouse Math help, you can simply sign up for specific topic sessions that run for about an hour. You can follow the topics you need help with, and can even suggest lessons from tutors if what you need help with isn’t immediately available.


Live Help: During the weekdays from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM, you can hop on to Schoolhouse’s Live Help! Live Help is currently dedicated specifically to helping students struggling with math problems. By joining the queue, you will be assigned to one of the many available tutors waiting on standby during this time window. Once it is your turn, you will be sent to the tutor’s zoom room. Be prepared with your specific problem, and you’ll have twenty minutes to work through the problem with the tutor.


College Application Support: In addition to homework help, Schoolhouse has a Deadline Hotline during College Application season! Schoolhouse.world and College Guidance Network collaborate with admissions experts to answer any pressing, last-minute questions ahead of deadlines. You can join the free upcoming events with admissions deans and high school counselors to support you on all your applications.

With all these amazing offerings to take advantage of, Schoolhouse has got you covered! By visiting their website and creating your account, you’ll be able to start getting the help you need as Schoolhouse helps you work smarter, and not harder.


Paying it Forward

Maybe you’re not really looking for any academic help, as you’re currently thriving in your schoolwork. For some of us at iUPrep, school can be a struggle, but for others, academics may just come easier. If you’re someone who’s been lucky enough to emerge from the jungle or schoolwork stress and looking for an opportunity to give back, consider becoming a tutor for Schoolhouse! 


Though a pretty intensive process, becoming a peer tutor for Schoolhouse.world is a wonderful opportunity, with many benefits to keep in mind. Let’s take a look at just some of the many benefits of peer tutoring with Schoolhouse.

1. Learn by Teaching – One of the best ways to get a better understanding and grasp of academic content is to teach it yourself! In fact, being able to teach an academic concept is a clear sign of proficiency in the topic, and can serve as a study technique in itself. By becoming a peer tutor, you can reinforce the knowledge you already have by sharing it with other students and by learning different ways to apply your mastery of a subject topic. 

2. Volunteer Perks – As being a peer tutor for Schoolhouse is a volunteer position, you’ll be able to gain volunteer experience and volunteer hours as well! If you’re in an organization such as NHS, you’ll likely be searching for opportunities to fulfill your volunteer hour quota, and Schoolhouse can help you get there! With automatically tracked volunteer hours that you can also manually add-in, you can earn so many hours from preparation and participation as a tutor. By leading an SAT boot camp, for example, you’ll earn a minimum of twenty volunteer hours! Additionally, you’ll have access to all tutor resources to use in your own academic journey.

3. Grow and Build Connections – As a peer tutor, you’ll grow in confidence in your academic abilities and learn from other tutors in your network. With Schoolhouse.world being a worldwide organization, the ability to form connections is limitless! As a part of this international community, you’ll expand your horizons while working towards a shared mission of connecting the world through learning.

If you’ve been searching for your calling to give back, let Schoolhouse.world be your guide! 


Remember, Schoolhouse is here to help you study!

Studying for those big exams can be extremely stressful, and a lot of the time is the cause of worry in every student’s life. Schoolhouse.world is here to aid you in your preparation for tests like the SAT and strives to keep you grounded in the fact that you’re still working towards a common goal of learning content to better your future academic endeavors. Staying focused on your future goals may not come easy in times of stress, but with free tutoring from Schoolhouse.world, this quest is made attainable, and less intimidating, for high school students everywhere.