What Colleges and Career Paths Lie Ahead for iUP Students?

“The future depends on what we do in the present” ~ Mahatma Gandhi


It is essential to not only think about your future but also to take action to prepare for your future. This “taking action” is of utmost importance when it comes to deciding a career path for your future, especially for upperclassmen. 


It should come as no surprise that many students graduating from the number one-ranked virtual school plan to pursue higher education. Some of you might be wondering why you should consider pursuing higher education, what you should be doing to prepare for the next chapter of your life, and what other students’ plans may be–well wonder no more!  

Why should you consider attending college?


College might not be the ideal path for everyone, but it is a viable post-secondary pathway that should be given thought. Not only is college expensive, but depending on what career path you are aiming for, it might not be required. However, the benefits of college may outweigh the costs.  College may not be the perfect path for everyone, but it does offer some advantages. The Brookings Institution says that college is “almost always” worth it. A college degree could provide you with the opportunity to earn more money, have an easier time getting jobs, and it gives you the chance to discover your interests while gaining the knowledge for a specific career. iUP students want to pursue higher education for a multitude of reasons. Senior Harrisen Mendonça, for example, says that he would like to attend college because “[it] will serve as a transitional period in my life from childhood to adulthood and self-sufficiency. I will gain experience and knowledge in topics that interest me so that I may acquire a well-paying job.” Another senior, Ethan Gluck, will be attending college because he wants “to take [his] swimming to the NCAA D1 college level.” Some career paths require a college education, such as psychology and psychiatry. Many students are interested in attending college to study these fields, including 7th grader A.J.; juniors Brooke Bolinger and Eve Bamber; and seniors Thomas Clark, Harrisen Mendonça, and Jaci Pope. Additionally, among these reasons for striving to get a college degree, other students such as Evangeline Mendonça feel that “education is very important” while Alauna Davila says she believes that it would possibly “begin a good path for [her] future career.” Another student, Emma Snider, argues that getting a college degree will “help with a leg up in the professional world.” After weighing the pros and cons and brainstorming potential career paths, it’s time to decide which college is best suited for you. 


What colleges are iUP students considering?


While you don’t have to have a final decision made yet, it is good to get a few ideas flowing about where you want to attend college. Texas A&M is a well-known and popular school, and for good reason. It is ranked #67 among National Universities and is an affordable choice compared to other schools. It is no wonder many iUP students are considering this university, including Retro Lion,  seniors Thomas Clark and Jaci Pope, and freshmen Dakota Manning and Ella Sanders. A few students are even considering international schools, such as Evangeline Mendonça, Amirah Santos Figeroa, I.D., and Harrisen Mendonça. Other schools that have sparked the interest of iUP students are various community colleges, the University of Houston, UT Austin, and even the U.S. Naval Academy for iUP senior Ethan Gluck. When deciding where to pursue post-secondary education, it is important to take into consideration your personal preferences such as which geographical location you prefer, the cost of each college, and what classes and majors they offer.


What careers and fields are iUP students interested in? 


Deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life is a daunting task! Although you do not have to have your final decision made at the moment, generating a few ideas about your future career right now is essential. According to Bright Network, “It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at – the sooner you put your mind to it, the easier it will be to build a career you really want.” That being said, a few of iUP high school students are already on the right track. Aside from psychology and psychiatry, the interests of students range from cinematography and forestry to Musical Theatre and law. A few students are straying from what may be seen as more “traditional” majors, including sophomore Navi Lee. Navi has wanted to be a park ranger for several years and plans on attending OSU’s forestry program. She says “I always looked up to [park rangers] with such admiration and for years I’ve wanted to work with nature and the conservation and education about ecosystems, specifically trees. My soul feels at home in the redwood groves. I’ve dreamt about these trees my entire life before I even knew what they were. I believed my dream job was nonexistent my entire life and pushed myself into engineering because I was good at it. After getting really burnt out I started to find myself again and realized this is what I want to do with my life. Nothing brings me more joy than to be with these trees and educate others about them and their lives.” Additionally, Ethan Gluck is considering “being a pilot or work[ing] in selling defense contracts” so he will be majoring in cyber operations or attending pilot school. With so many different majors and careers to choose from, it can seem overwhelming. However, there are steps you can take now to lay the groundwork for what is to come.


What can you do to prepare for your future?


It is never too early to begin planning your future; and of course, you can always change your mind. By exploring your options and what you’re curious about now, you can be better prepared once it’s time to make your post-high school life decisions. One way to be best equipped is to explore your interests so that you can see what path may be right for you. For example, if you have a passion for helping others and want to become a doctor, you will need to attend college. However, if you want to be an electrician, maybe trade school is the route to go. Once you have a career path in mind, it is time to start researching. It is best to begin the following activities now so that your future self will thank you.

– Build your resume – keep track of your activities and accomplishments

– Get involved in your community

– Look into and apply for scholarship opportunities

– Focus on your grades

Research colleges




Not knowing what you want to do with your life is perfectly fine! In fact, I am in the same boat right now. Thankfully, iUniversity Prep as well as colleges have diverse class options to allow you to test the waters and gain new perspectives on different career paths. At iUP for example, there are classes including engineering; computer science; human resources management; principles of business, marketing, and finance; entrepreneurship; principles of health science; sociology; psychology; journalism; and so many more! By taking a few of these courses throughout your high school career, you can get a taste of the wide range of options you have for your future and see what you might want to pursue. It is important to remember, however, that whether you’re 10, 15, 20, or even 40, you can always change your career if your passion takes a turn!



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