Summer Job Season is Upon Us

A summer job can be a blessing and a curse. While it is more money than a person would make during the school year it is also double the stress. There is something called the Nanny Contract. The contract is made to protect nannies and babysitters.

When looking for a nanny job, remember these things. A) Time is money. I repeat: time is money. (If you work the whole summer, you won’t have time for anything else). B) It is important to like your job, and the children being watched. As teens, we have a pretty good selection of jobs we can do, therefore if you don’t like the job or the kids, simply quit. C) Work hard.  A bad reference is just that, burning bridges is a bad thing to do.  A bad reference can cause a person trouble finding jobs for a very long time.

The contract covers things such as overtime, boundaries and schedules.  An organized parent who knows what they want in their nanny and for their kids over the summer is everything. This contract serves as a guide to help the nanny and the parents.

Through working, a teen gains certain skills they wouldn’t have acquired otherwise.  There is nothing more fulfilling than buying something with money you earned. Remember to stay positive, and work hard, and in the end you will be satisfied.