Doctor Who’s Season 9 Premiere is Off to an Intriguing Start

Doctor Who Tardis

Doctor Who Tardis

Maddison Brandley, Writer


Last weekend, I sat down to watch everyone’s favorite time lord in the season 9 premiere of Doctor Who. While I was a bit disappointed in season 8, I was ready for the season 9 premiere with an excited and open mind.

I felt that the overall episode of The Magician’s Apprentice was a pleasure to watch. I enjoyed the creepiness of the opening sequence with the hand mines, and I was surprised to find that the boy at the beginning of the episode wasn’t the Doctor but was, in fact, Davros (the creator of the Daleks). Dun Dun Dun!

However, I found the rest of the beginning to be a bit scattered. We don’t know where the Doctor is, and – surprise! – Missy is back (thanks to Moffat’s refusal to acknowledge logic), additionally, we are introduced to the Doctor’s final will and testament. The show then takes a strange and abrupt detour to the Middle Ages where the Doctor is playing the electric guitar, overusing the word “dude”, and reciting painfully terrible puns. I was, however, pleased to be introduced to some new characters, while also revisiting some old ones – such as the new and improved Daleks and the lovable Ood.

I found the acting to be sublime, as usual, and enjoyed watching Michelle Gomez’s portrayal of the crazy and absolutely evil Missy. I was pleased to find that the visuals where stunning as always, and are constantly improving. The one thing I could not get over was the fact that Davros’ henchman, Sarff, reminded me of a cross between Voldemort and Nagini.

Finally, the show leaves us with a cliffhanger. At the end of the episode, Clara and Missy are abruptly vaporized, along with the TARDIS (perhaps). Then the Doctor goes back in time, threatening to EXTERMINATE young Davros. Are Missy and Clara gone for good? Probably not. But does that mean the Doctor will end up killing Davros? Also unlikely. No one could kill off one of Doctor Who’s most iconic characters. I could never see the Doctor killing anyone, but this new Doctor has an edgy, unpredictable side to him. Furthermore, we still don’t know if the droid in the season 8 premiere fell, jumped, of was pushed by the Doctor. Thanks to Moffat, we are left with many unanswered questions, which may never go completely resolved. I mean, this is Steven Moffat we are talking about; I guess we will just have to wait till the next episode. In conclusion, I enjoyed the premiere and can’t wait to see season 9 unfold.