Summer Desire Will Soon Transpire

Courtney Fenech, Staff Writer

We have reached the second semester, the final stretch before summer. Thoughts of a long break from essays and tests muddy the minds of every student, which can make for a very unfocused last few months of learning. Staying motivated, keeping up with work, and maintaining good grades seems almost impossible at this point in the year. However, there are ways to overcome the exhaustion that you faced in the fall semester and will face in the long spring semester ahead.

To stay motivated and on task try to avoid thinking of the whole remaining workload at once. Handling schoolwork a bit at a time will make the months ahead look less overwhelming and long. In addition to this, you could reward yourself with a special treat every once in awhile. Whether you complete a huge project, score a good grade on a test, or simply make it through another month of school, rewarding yourself will make boring or hard things seem less dreadful. Plus, taking a moment to congratulate yourself after overcoming an obstacle improves your mental health, and gives you something to look forward to.

When boredom and neglect creep in, it is very important to prevent a decrease in work efficiency and grade average. To combat this, you can use planners. Planners help organize your workload and will keep you accountable for what does not get finished. You can set goals for where you want to be work and grade wise at the end of each week, or month. This will give you a sense of urgency and focus. Also, having completion goals awards you with a sense of independence…and it always feels good to cross off completed tasks.

The second semester is a drag for everyone, and the inevitable laziness and exhaustion can make it seem even longer. However, following these tips, and any that you already use, will help you stay on your game. Do not let spring semester blues get you down when you are so close to the finish line. Stay focused, stay accountable, stay motivated, and stay positive. Just think, a few more months of necessary growth and education, and summer will be here!