Chloe Moore, Staff Writer

While beginning my search for colleges to apply to, I wanted to keep some of my options local. Knowing that I wanted to study music, one of the first schools I gravitated towards was the University of North Texas. I’ve heard nothing short of amazing things about UNT’s music program. So, as a junior in high school beginning my college search, I had to check it out.

I toured the campus on a chilly Saturday and I was very impressed, to say the least. The Denton campus was clean, fresh, and had an unusual abundance of squirrels. There were tons of buildings both old and new. Libraries, student centers, cafeterias, and plenty of outdoor study areas, were spread throughout. They also have this huge rec center with basketball courts, a track, a massive rock climbing wall, and many exercise machines. The dorm we toured, while small, had a private bathroom and wood floors (luxuries not many dorms have).

I haven’t toured the music program yet, but, from what I have seen, UNT seems like a great option to keep in mind. According to my tour guide, the school gives out tons of financial aid and scholarships, which you can receive for many different accomplishments. These include (but are not limited to) social media, taking part in clubs or organizations, or even being a part of your school’s newspaper. I’m very excited to learn more about UNT and even one day maybe attend the school. I highly recommend checking out the school by scheduling a tour!