Stephanie Reckling, Executive Staff

Oh, have mercy on the agitated souls who suffer from spring fever! The overwhelming eagerness for Summer to come, and school to end, is the root cause of this illness. People from all realms experience spring fever, but, I’m going to aim the focus of this article on students.

How do you recognize your illness? Well, you may feel spring fever creeping up on you if you normally spend all day inside like a hermit, but, suddenly, you feel the urge to step outside to lay in the sun. Or, you may have lost all motivation for schoolwork, written out a bucket list for summer (that you have low expectations of completing), or googled tips on how to stay focused until the end of the school year. If you match any of these symptoms, chances are, you have spring fever! I’m not a doctor, but I think this could suffice as a pretty accurate diagnosis.

One perk of teen life and kid life is that we can enjoy a few months of carefree summer time. As students, we are well aware that summer does not last forever, we must appreciate the time we have before participating in careers that only allow for short vacation breaks. Our summer time could entail vacationing in the sunny sun, snow-covered peaks, or occasionally peeking through the blinds of a bedroom at the world outside in between snacks. Either way, during the spring, we anticipate the dwindling summer vacation time. It becomes painstaking to focus during school, while our attention centers to summer. And, how to spend it. I feel the weight of having a glorious summer tremendously, this year. I am a senior and feel like my childhood has disappeared into nothingness, without my agreement.

If we think too often of summer, our grades could drop and we could end up costing ourselves valuable summer time. A huge benefit of online school is that we can enter summer early, as long as we finish your coursework with passing grades.

So, we should keep this thought in mind: if we work hard right now, we can have a longer summer. Besides, ventures into summer won’t seem restful until we knock out the guilt off our conscious, for not finishing school work.

I wish us the best of luck in finishing our schoolwork. At least we are in this together, I highly doubt any student does not feel an overwhelming eagerness for Summer. Cue the High School Musical music: “We’re all in this together”. Oh, I hear another High School Musical song in the background. But, it seems like we have to complete our finals before listening to it. I can hear the occasional lyric: “Summertime, school’s out scream and shout”.