Here is a recap of Indiana University Bloomington in Bloomington, Indiana.


Indiana University Bloomington is a four-year collegiate school located in the small town of Bloomington, Indiana, which is just 60 miles south of Indianapolis. This public university was founded in 1820. With over 40,000 students, IU Bloomington is the second largest college in Indiana. The most popular majors at IU Bloomington are Business/Commerce, Public Administration, Informatics, Kinesiology, Exercise Science, and Psychology. The acceptance rate is around 78%.

Just this past weekend, I stayed in the Campus View Apartments there, since my uncle, coming from Bosnia, is a philosophy professor at the college for 2 months. I got to take a nice walk around the campus—my uncle showed me around. There are lots of trees, as the campus has a lot of untouched forested areas. Therefore, you will see all kinds of animals, such as chipmunks and frogs. There are even paths that lead through the forests with trees that reach up to nine stories high! The campus is very big and stretches into downtown Bloomington. Students like to go to the downtown and grab something to eat, some coffee, or just hang out.

For athletics, this school is a Division 1 NCAA college in the Big Ten Conference. Surprisingly, IU Bloomington has no mascot. Instead, they are referred to as the “The Hoosiers”. Hoosier is also used to refer to people who live in the state of Indiana.

Outside of the campus, you go into the rural areas very quickly—pretty much as soon as you leave the campus. There are tons of forestland, hills, and valleys. About 10 miles south of the campus, there is a beautiful lake reservoir named Lake Monroe. On the weekends, this is a good place to go, since you can swim there—it is quite similar to the beach. If you’re looking at colleges, this college is a nice one to consider!