An overview of the Tar Heel state’s most coveted university

Nestled within the bustling city of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, lies the very first public school in the nation; the University of North Carolina. It all began back in 1789, when William Richardson Davie signed off on the act that established the University. Though, it wasn’t until 1795 that students began trickling in. It was then declared in the 18th century, that UNC was the only public university to offer and award degrees.
The University offers an abundance of classes, degrees, and activities. With an acceptance rate of 27%, UNC expects all applicants to be near the top of their class. The average undergraduate yearly cost for in-state residents is $25,000, with out-of-state residents costing nearly $53,000. Fall 2019 enrollment closely meets 30,000 students. UNC’s alumni reside in all 50 states, including over half of them in North Carolina, and 149 countries. The University’s most notable alumni include: Michael Jordan, Danny Green, Chase Rice, Andy Griffith, and so many more.
The nickname for any student attending UNC is a Tar Heel. According to the University’s official website, “The term “tar heel” dates back to North Carolina’s early history, when the state was a leading producer of supplies for the naval industry. Workers who distilled turpentine from the sticky sap of pine trees and burned pine boughs to produce tar and pitch often went barefoot during hot summer months and undoubtedly collected tar on their heels. To call someone a “rosin heel” or “tar heel” was to imply that they worked in a lowly trade. In the 1880s, when UNC teams began competing in intercollegiate sports, they needed a nickname. There does not appear to have been any debate over what to call the teams and how to express school spirit. They were then, and have always been, Tar Heels.” Since then, the term has been the true identification of North Caorlinians.
Being born in North Carolina myself, I’ve always wanted to attend UNC. My state pride is often exhibited through UNC attire. I can’t tell you how many Carolina blue colored baseball caps and t-shirts I have. But, even when I’m not sporting a full blue getup, my eyes are still promoting the university (they’re blue too!). I guess you could say that the color is a staple in my life.
If you’re ever visiting or passing through the Tar Heel State, I highly recommend you take a stroll around the University of North Carolina. With true Southern morals and values, the University warmly welcomes everyone!

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