Right now we need some alternatives to Trick or Treating; What are they?



Vivien Phillips, Staff Writer

Hello ladies and gents, boys and ghouls. Halloween is around the corner and most of us won’t be going trick or treating. “So there’s nothing we can do?” you might ask, but don’t worry, there are quite a few alternatives.

Watch a Halloween movie. Watching a festive movie is a great way to have a fun Halloween while still being safe. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a great one! Sit in your living room, microwave some popcorn put on some pajamas, and enjoy a scary (or just spooky) movie in the comfort of your own home.

Trick or treat at home. While we can’t go outside to trick or treat at other’s houses it is fun to do in your own home. Decorate each door in your house and have different candy at each door. Walk to each door, say “Trick or Treat!” then wait for your parents to open the door with different candies.

Family pumpkin carving. Whether it’s just you and your parents or you have plenty of siblings as well pumpkin carving can be very fun! Set up your backyard and put on some clothes to get messy in, because it’s time to carve some pumpkins! Though it can be easily overlooked pumpkin carving is an amazing experience to make memories and have a great time.

Family Halloween dance party. Whether you’re young or old you can appreciate the “Monster Mash”. Turn on the music and put on your shoes because it’s time to get off the couch and dance! Gather your family and dance like a mummy, zombie, or vampire because it’s time to do the “Monster Mash”. 

Halloween party with a few people. While you shouldn’t be seeing a load of people you could invite a couple of friends for a socially distanced Halloween party. Sit in your backyard and tell spooky stories or just talk about your costumes. It’s plenty of fun!

Small family party. If you have family in town go see them. Be it socially distanced outside, or inside together seeing loved ones is very fun! Wear Halloween costumes, eat festive treats, and more!

These were just a few fun activities to do this year, but the possibilities are endless. So instead of going out to Trick or Treat this year, stay inside wear your mask and do your part to keep Texas safe!