We asked our Owls who follow @you.are.owlsome what they are grateful for this Thanksgiving!


Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, You are Owlsome asked iUPrep Owls what they are grateful for! Here are some Owlsome responses! 


  • “iUP teachers!”
  • “The very-well run iHoot newspaper! So many great articles to read!”
  • “All of our great teachers as well as our amazing iHoot staff and editors!”
  • “My friends!”
  • “This awesome Instagram account [You are Owlsome]! I love the positivity :)”
  • “Mrs. Baker!!”
  • “iHoot!!”
  • “I’m grateful for you.are.owlsome <3”
  • “Senior refresh sesh! Y’all should totally join if you’re a senior!! It’s so much fun in the groupchat.” (Seniors, if you’re interested, check out this iHoot article that goes into more detail on what Senior Refresh Sessions are!)
  • “All my teachers, coaches, and friends.”
  • “Senior refresh session girlies <3”
  • “That our school does not have to shut down for COVID.”
  • “My doggy.”
  • “I’m grateful for my family and having the money to buy supplies I need.” 


You are Owlsome is grateful that there are many Owlsome Owls at this school! These great people help keep You are Owlsome a very Owlsome account (pun intended)! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @you.are.owlsome! This is an Instagram account dedicated to uplifting students and teachers at iUPrep. Also, submit a positive message for a student or teacher here, and You are Owlsome will post these to Instagram as appreciation posts for our Owlsome Owls!  Happy Thanksgiving, and keep being OWLSOME!!!


*out of respect for iUPrep student’s Instagram usernames, You are Owlsome decided to keep these responses anonymous for this iHoot article*