An introspection on all the different pieces that make up me.


I am like the echo of a noise in the distance, 

That you cannot quite make out. 

I am the quiver after an earthquake, 

A tremble, a part of the aftermath, a lingering feeling.. 

I am like the crystal waters on a beach, 

Sometimes a gentle tide and other times 

a frightening crash. 

I am like a raccoon in a trap, 

Because when I have found something shiny I cannot let go. 

I am like the background beat of R&B, 

Subtle and adding a touch of rhythm to the turbulent melody. 

I am like a sheep, one that that is so weighed down by its own fur, 

That I fall into the same pit over and over again. 

I am like the monster hiding under the bed, 

Scared to come out, terrified of the dark outside these four wooden posts. 

I am a veil, 

Thin and easily seen through. 

I am a breeze coming in to cool your face, 

soothe your heat, give you a bit of a rest from the blistering sun. 

I am a band-aid that blends in with your skin, 

I’m sticky, because I won’t let go. I’ll be with you to cover your worst wounds. 

I am a labyrinth. My mind is many walls of stone, working in similar yet indecipherable patterns, 

I can get lost in the maze. Fall into my thoughts. Let them grow into a big cedar tree. 

 Sometimes I am quiet, other times loud. Sometimes hard to understand, other times not.

Sometimes I am a fighter, sometimes I smear with another color— a gray. 

I am a walking contradiction, a twisty forest that darkens and morphs into odd shapes, shadows. 

But in the end, I am an oasis. A sparkling pool of water, a pool that has dreams, a plan. 

There are my principles, my culture, the Lord’s love, my loved ones, my philosophy for my life. 


All the things that make up the mosaic of me.