Exploring UNT and the Importance of College Visits

Importance of College Visits

The anxiety surrounding college can be very taxing on seniors. Much of the end of the junior year and the beginning of the senior year is spent searching for the optimal college to attend. The choices are vast and it can be tricky to try to decide which school is the best fit. One of the most helpful things that are offered by colleges to help out with this is the on-campus visits. The University of North Texas is one of the places that I went to.


UNT is one of the largest schools in North Texas and offers so many different degree programs.  They have all types of programs from things such as business to degrees such as pre-med. When my brother began the hunt for where to go to college UNT was one of the ones that fit him best. After watching his first  2 years there, I knew that I wanted to apply there. Once I got expected into the school I realized that it would be smart if I checked out the campus to make sure that it would be the right fit for me. I needed to make sure they have a nice campus with good dorms. I also wanted to ensure that it would be the environment that would fit me the best. 



The Campus

UNT has a lovely campus filled with very kind people. From the moment that my family and I  arrived on the campus, the staff was so welcoming and warm.  I was astonished at just how large the campus truly was. We saw the major buildings where freshmen would be taking the basic course to start their degree program, such as English 101, as well as a few of the specialty buildings like the business buildings. We also got to see the dorms and a representation of what the dorm areas looked like inside. They had a whole mock dorm area that we got to see.  We went through and got to see the student union where there is a large collection of yummy places to eat. They have places like Starbucks, and Chicfila as well as cafeterias in some of the dorm buildings. They even have vegan options.  We got to go inside the gym and hear about all of the different physical activities that are offered. They offer things from swimming to rock climbing as well as intermural sports. The tour guides also touched on the different extracurricular activities that the college has. Overall the tour cemented the idea that this school was the one for me. The school had the overall chill and warm environment that I was looking for in school and gave me a chance to see what I was in for when I began to attend the university. 


Calling all IUP Seniors

There are many reasons that I think the IUP seniors should visit and consider UNT as one of their college choices. UNT offers so many different and diverse degree opportunities. There are options from business to art.  Most degrees that people go into are offered at UNT. The professors are well educated and always willing to help out the people who are struggling. My brother has been attending UNT for two years and tells me that the professors are always here to help. Another thing to consider is the surrounding city. The campus is very close to the Denton town square allowing its students to be within walking distance of cool shops and restaurants. 



The school overall has a very calm and nice environment. It has a very diverse campus with something for everyone. Whether it be a degree program or a specific club interest UNT has it. I believe that this could be a school where every student can find their place.