The finest and most educating fashion schools across the globe.


Kati Moffett, Staff Writer

When studying fashion at a university, one will learn and observe the constant reshaping of the industry and the rich history that it holds. With an abundance of fashion schools across the globe, there can be much contemplation of which to choose. A recent survey conducted in 2018, by, asked nearly 4,000 students detailed questions about the top fashion schools in the world. The universities were then ranked based on factors such as their annual tuition, percentage of enrollment, graduation rates, and student testimonials. The following school names are embedded with links that further detail Fashionista’s individual findings on the universities. 


The Top 25:     


Rank University Name  Location 
1. Central Saint Martins                                                                                                                                                 London, England, United Kingdom
2. Parsons School of Design New York, New York, USA
3. London College of Fashion London, England, United Kingdom
4. Fashion Institute of Technology New York, New York, USA
5. Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp Antwerp, Belgium
6. Polimoda Florence, Italy
7. Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
8. Istituto Marangoni Milan, Italy
9. Kingston University London, England, United Kingdom
10. University of Westminster London, England, United Kingdom
11. Institut Français de la Mode Paris, France
12. Bunka Fashion College Tokyo, Japan
13. Shenkar College of Engineering and Design Tel Aviv, Israel
14. Drexel University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
15. Kent State University  Kent, Ohio, USA
16. University of Missouri Columbia, Missouri, USA
17. Washington University in St. Louis St. Louis, Missouri, USA
18. Savannah College of Art and Design  Savannah, Georgia, USA
19. Rhode Island School of Design  Providence, Rhode Island, USA
20. Columbus College of Art and Design  Columbus, Ohio, USA
21. Marist College Poughkeepsie, NY, USA
22. Academy of Art San Francisco, California, USA
23. Accademia Costume e Moda Rome, Italy
24. Pratt University Brooklyn, New York, USA
25. ESMOD Paris, France


With schools located so far away from home here in Texas, it can be a bit daunting moving a great distance to attend a university. Some students like to get as far away from home as possible, while others prefer a location closer to home. To give you an idea of how many hours away from home each school is, I’ve created a chart of the approximate distance of each university from the central location of iUniversity Prep; in Dallas. Since some of the schools are located overseas, I couldn’t locate the exact mileage, thus the only applicable section is the “estimated plane ride time.”


University Name  Estimated Plane Ride Time  Estimated Car Ride Time Number of Miles
University of Missouri 1 h 40 min 9 h 8 min  580 mi 
Washington University in St. Louis 1 h 40 min  9 h 46 min  626 mi 
Savannah College of Art and Design 2 h 40 min 14 h 49 min 1,028 mi
Columbus College of Art and Design  2 h 30 min  15 h 24 min  1,042 mi 
Kent State University 2 h 50 min 17 h 14 min 1,177 mi
Drexel University 3 h 30 min  21 h 27 min  1,463 mi 
Thomas Jefferson University 3 h 30 min  21 h 31 min  1,466 mi
Parsons School of Design  3 h 40 min  22 h 50 min  1,549 mi 
Fashion Institute of Technology 3 h 40 min 22 h 52 min 1,550 mi
Pratt University 3 h 40 min  22 h 50 min  1,558 mi
Marist College  5 h 15 min  23 h 38 min  1,614 mi
Rhode Island School of Design  4 hr 10 min 25 h 1,728 mi 
Academy of Art  3 h 20 min 26 h 1,731 mi
University of Westminster  10 h NA NA
Kingston University  10 h  NA NA
Central Saint Martins 10 h NA NA
London College of Fashion 10 h NA NA
Institut Français de la Mode 10 h 25 min NA NA
ESMOD 10 h 25 min  NA NA
Accademia Costume e Moda  11 h 15 min NA NA
Bunka Fashion College 11 h 35 min  NA NA
Istituto Marangoni  13 h 15 min  NA NA
Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp  13 h 20 min NA NA
Polimoda 14 h 20 min  NA NA
Shenkar College of Engineering and Design  16 h 45 min NA NA



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