In the case of this beloved holiday treat, the cons greatly outweigh the pros.


Mckenna Moczygemba, Photography/Social Media Director

What is pumpkin spice? To start off, the people who drink it are obsessed with Thanksgiving, not Christmas. I may be biased, but I think Christmas is everywhere, even if it is not December. Pumpkin spice is not true pumpkin. I mean, pumpkin is true pumpkin; you wouldn’t want meat-flavored drinks, so why turn pumpkin into a holiday drink, especially when you could just have soda or plain coffee?

Plus, it is way too expensive for just one drink. You could buy a whole pumpkin for the equivalent price at some places. So why spend that much money for something that has no nutritional value and is so expensive? It seems so silly. And why the name “pumpkin spice”? Why not “magic yum, plus, it isn’t pumpkin spice”? It isn’t a spice, so why name it that? For people who like it (not me for sure), maybe it tastes good. But why does the popular thing around October and November have to be pumpkin spice? Why do people like it so much?

Personally, I think it’s mind control/peer pressure. I mean, if one person drinks it who is famous, popular in school, or all over tv, people buy it. You will want it because you see other people drinking it or eating it. They either really like it or find it lame. We also know companies make more money by increasing the prices on their products, like pumpkin spice lattes; this money could be going towards a better cause, like charity.