The Life Of Fan Fiction Writers

Trace Wilkins, Editor, Section Editor, Staff Writer

Fanfiction is “fiction written by a fan of, and featuring characters from, a particular TV series, movie, etc.” There are many fan fiction writers and there just so happens to be a few that attend iUniversity Prep!

Katherine Clardy writes fan fiction for the well-known movie “Frozen.” She writes about the “one true pair,” Jelsa, which is Jack Frost and Elsa. Katherine does not have her fan fiction story posted anywhere, but plans to have it on Wattpad soon. The movie itself and other fan fiction based on “Frozen” are what inspired Katherine to start writing her fan fiction story. She says that she doesn’t share her fan fiction with others because people who aren’t in a fandom don’t understand anything about fan fiction or why people write fan fiction.

Illyanna Torres writes fan fiction about herself being in Percy Jackson world, going to the camp, and meeting the different characters that are in the original Percy Jackson book series. She also likes to add her friends into her story “for a more personal read.” Illyanna’s fan fiction story is posted on her Google Site with links to the Google docs and links for on-the-go reading convenience. Illyanna was inspired out of boredom and the fact that she had just finished reading the first Percy Jackson series. She had been reading a lot of other Percy Jackson fan fiction and decide to write her own. Illyanna got some help from her “grammar-Nazi friend,” Jake Stanley, and he became her overall editor. Due to her busy schedule, Illyanna has become accustomed to picking up her phone, writing, and then emailing it to her editor. She says that this makes the writing process so much easier for her.

I (Trace Wilkins) also write fan fiction. I have only recently started, but I love it already! I write about the boys of One Direction as if they weren’t famous or in a boy band. I have been reading One Direction fan fiction on Wattpad for the past three years, and I finally started to brainstorm for my own story. My story is a love triangle with two of the One Direction boys, Niall Horan and Harry Styles. I do not use myself as the main character; instead, I imagine her as Saoirse Ronan with blonde hair. I do have my story on Wattpad, but I have not shared it with anyone I know yet.

I want to be an author and write books in the future, so writing fan fiction is such great practice.”

— Trace Wilkins

 I encourage anybody who wants to write (or just read) fan fiction, to download the app “Wattpad.”

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