Some superb book series to keep you engaged over the break

Arjun Rajamony, Staff Writer

Now that it’s time for the holidays and students will start having a lot more free time on their hands, many of them may be wondering what to do with all this time! One of the most entertaining activities you can do is start a new book series, but you may find yourself overwhelmed with the number of choices. I made this article so that students of all ages will be able to find a fantastic book series that will provide a fun and entertaining winter break! Please discuss with your parents and guardians to obtain permission before reading any of the following books.


For younger students, a series I heavily recommend is Wings of Fire. When I was younger, these books had me hooked! Wings of Fire centers around a world where dragons are the predominant species. You are in the perspective of these dragons as war wages through the world. Each book gives you the perspective of a different dragon.  The plot is super engaging and the characters are diverse and interesting. The coolest part is that books are still being produced for this series. Wings of Fire currently has over 20 installments ranging from a spin-off “Legends” series to graphic novel adaptations of some of the books. This series really has something for everyone! 


If you want a shorter series, Arc of a Scythe is for you. It is only 3 books but has an incredibly cool premise. It is set in the future where certain people may have to take on the role of “gleaning” others so the population stays in check.


If you’re looking for a book series geared to a more mature audience, Dark Tower is for you! Although there are fewer installments and has been completed, it makes up for it with its amazing world and plot. Dark Tower centers around a gunslinger who lives in a place called the Mid-World. Although there may be parts not suitable for younger students, it still is a terrific book series.


Lastly, I wanted to include a section for individual books instead of full-fledged series. Some of these books may contain mature content, so it is important to do some research on them first. The Invention of Hugo Cabret is a combination of a graphic novel and a conventional novel. This book hooked me so much that I read it all in one day! They Both Die at the End is a moving story about two characters who (you guessed it) die in the end. A Mango Shaped Space is one of my all-time favorite books. It gives you the perspective of a girl who has synesthesia, a disorder where you may associate music or words with color, taste, or shape.


These books will elevate your winter break and will cure any boredom that you may have. Almost all of them can be found at a local library or online for free. Happy Holidays and get reading!