Time changes and what they affect in school.


Have you ever gone on vacation? Did it have a time change? I go on vacation a lot and have had some ridiculous time changes. I’m here to tell you how ridiculous these time changes are and how long you have to be on your computer to do your live lessons.


My Current Trip to the UK

I’m currently in the UK. It’s where I got the idea for the article. I got it from here cause there’s a 6-hour + time change! This makes it hard to do schoolwork because your parents will want to see everything in the city. In the UK, I visited stuff like Warner Bros studio tour of the making of Harry Potter (highly recommended). The Warner Bros studio tour was an all-day thing, so you have to watch the recordings. I’m sure we can all agree that watching the recording is WAY MORE BORING then doing it live. I also did a bike tour, and a lot of other fun things and some really boring ones, let’s be honest.


Live Lessons

In the UK, there is a 6-hour time change. Which is ok since your 1:00 pm meeting is now at 7:00 pm, and I’m usually still awake then. Still though, making live lessons is hard because when we go out somewhere, its usually quite far away, and I’m home around 5:30. This means I miss my 8:30 pride which is now at 2:30, and my 10:00 meeting which is now at 4:00 and is it just me or is going to the live lesson way more fun than watching the recording.


Grade Chats and Club Chats

I have Gmail on my phone. Which is the same thing as google chat, so I have my group chat on it, and when it’s 9:00 pm in Scotland, it’s 3:00 pm in Texas, so unless you like hearing the sound boop and beep, you might want to turn your ringer off. This also makes it hard to keep up on club updates, and I have about 50 notifications when I wake up. Although there is an advantage cause when you wake up, let’s say 7:30, it will be 1:30 in Texas, and I sometimes get distracted doing schoolwork with that beep sound ringing every message, so when everyone is sleeping, I can do a good amount of schoolwork.



In conclusion, time changes are hard and can seriously affect your sleeping schedule, but it’s still possible even if you’re an early bird and all of a sudden you’re doing work at 11:00 pm. It also makes it harder because you have to measure school with vacation. There are many ways to do it, though, which includes working ahead with this method that one of the leaders of iHoot wrote about. Here’s the link:


So using this method and getting ahead, really, I’d say, is the best way of enjoying vacation while measuring it with schoolwork.